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Parfumerie Couture

L'Art de l'Aurore

verre biot soufflé bougie l'aurore paris

Our History

Reader, have you ever smell With need and greed This incense that fills up a church Or a small bag of compulsive musk? Deep charm, magical that intoxicate us In the present, the restored past! And so the lover on a loved body Remembrance plucks the exquisite flower. With its elastic and heavy hair, Living, censor of alcove, A scent rose wild and tawny, And clothes, chiffon or velvet, Imbued with its pure youth, Emanated a scent of fur.

Le Parfum

Charles Baudelaire

French Couture-Perfumery brand,

we propose luxury products with a various range of niche perfumed candles. We honor the French Art and Haute-Couture with our products all made in France in the purest handcraft tradition by our glass and Wax makers. You are unique, and so is your candle. Each candle glass is hand blown by a glass blower, and no two are alike. They are dishwasher safe and can be washed and re-used for a new purpose after your candle has burned down. Our candles are handmade using our own blend of waxes to optimize diffusion of the scents. Our fragrances were elaborated in the perfume capital of Grasse by our perfume creator. You will find our fragrances to be exceptional and of the finest quality. They are made for people passionate about rare and distinctive elements. Personalization is the essence of the brand, you become the first character of your candle and can create your own universe, helped by our in-house perfume creator.

verre biot faits mains en france bougie paris

verre verrier l'aurore paris bougie


All glasses are hand blown by a glass blower in the South of France. For the realization of our glasses we use a hand blown technique to preserve the ancestral French hand-craft and guarantee the originality of our products. Each candle has a certificate of authenticity and a stamp at the bottom of the glass, to guarantee you the quality, the French origin and to assure that our products are handmade. Our bubbled glasses give a pure and natural look to our products. With this method, each handmade glass has its own characteristics and thus becomes unique. This manufacturing method requires a knowledge and perfect precision for such a result. Moreover, our glasses have a high heat resistance for an ideal use of your candle. You are unique, and your candle too. When your candle is consumed, it can be cleaned by hand or in dish-washer, thus you can keep your glass and reuse as you want.


L’Aurore candles are also made to follow you all night long. L’Aurore will make your nights magical and unforgettable. Because of the reflection of the flame on the glass, which diffuses a relaxing and calming climate, you will be immersed in an idyllic and dazzling atmosphere. The glass container can be used at every place you want; Inside or outside your home, by night or by day, l’Aurore candles will always be there to seduce you.

l'aurore bougie la nuit